Construction Materials Testing

Private and public sector clients trust Raba Kistner Consultants, Inc. for quality, reliable, timely Construction Materials Engineering and Testing (CoMET) Services. Our team of trained, experienced professional engineers and field technicians – with almost 1,000 years in combined project experience – have partnered with clients for more than 45 years to meet construction deadlines and to help avoid project performance problems.

Raba Kistner Consultants values our “trusted advisor” status with our clients – many who have trusted us with their projects since we opened our doors in 1968 – and we will continue to make a commitment to invest in the technology, staff and research that will keep Raba Kistner at the forefront of the construction materials testing and engineering field.

Your next project can only be as good as the materials that will serve as the foundation of the project. Accurate sampling and accurate testing in a quality materials testing lab are two of the keys to making sure your construction materials meet what the project engineers specify. Samples taken by Raba Kistner technicians are collected following standard procedures by in-house, seasoned professionals and technicians.

Raba Kistner starts with a Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) program designed specifically for each project. This QA/QC program focuses on the quality and suitability of materials used in construction as well as the quality of workmanship. This attention to detail is reviewed by field representatives who earn certification from The American Concrete Institute (ACI), the National Institute for Certification of Engineering Technologies (NICET), the Texas Asphalt Paving Association (TXAPA), and others.

For a complete listing of tests that our materials testing lab performs, click on the various types of tests below to see a full list of procedures offered.

ASTM International Procedures

ASTM C-109
ASTM C-117
ASTM C-123
ASTM C-127
ASTM C-128
ASTM C-131
ASTM C-136
ASTM C-138
ASTM C-140
ASTM C-142
ASTM C-143
ASTM C-144
ASTM C-151
ASTM C-157
ASTM C-170
ASTM C-172
ASTM C-173
ASTM C-185
ASTM C-187
ASTM C-188
ASTM C-191
ASTM C-192
ASTM C-231
ASTM C-232
ASTM C-233
ASTM C-266
ASTM C-270
ASTM C-293
ASTM C-305
ASTM C-311
ASTM C-330
ASTM C-331
ASTM C-403
ASTM C-404
ASTM C-426
ASTM C-430
ASTM C-469
ASTM C-476 10
ASTM C-490
ASTM C-494
ASTM C-495
ASTM C-496
ASTM C-533
ASTM C-566
ASTM C-567
ASTM C-617
ASTM C-641
ASTM C-666
ASTM C-702
ASTM C-780
ASTM C-805
ASTM C-977
ASTM C-1012
ASTM C-1019
ASTM C-1064
ASTM C-1093
ASTM C-1202
ASTM C-1252
ASTM C-1260
ASTM C-1314
ASTM D-420
ASTM D-421
ASTM D-422
ASTM D-558
ASTM D-559
ASTM D-560
ASTM D-698
ASTM D-854
ASTM D-1140
ASTM D-1556
ASTM D-1557
ASTM D-1883
ASTM D-2166
ASTM D-2216
ASTM D-2419
ASTM D-2435
ASTM D-2487
ASTM D-2488
ASTM D-2726
ASTM D-2829
ASTM D-2850
ASTM D-2950
ASTM D-2974
ASTM D-3042
ASTM D-3203
ASTM D-3319 11
ASTM D-3515
ASTM D-3666
ASTM D-3740
ASTM D-4220
ASTM D-4221
ASTM D-4318
ASTM D-4546
ASTM D-4718
ASTM D-4767
ASTM D-4791
ASTM D-4829
ASTM D-4867
ASTM D-5084
ASTM D-5298
ASTM D-5361
ASTM D-5444
ASTM D-5821
ASTM D-6307
ASTM D-6572
ASTM D-6913
ASTM D-6926
ASTM D-6927
ASTM D-6928
ASTM D-6938
ASTM D-6951
ASTM D-7012
ASTM D-7263
ASTM E-303
ASTM E-329
ASTM E-605
ASTM E-736
ASTM F-1869
ASTM C-470
ASTM C-174
ASTM C-511
ASTM C-1437
ASTM C-1506
ASTM C-1231

ASTM C-535

ASTM D-2168
ASTM D-1586
ASTM D-2041
ASTM D-4972

ASTM E-11 9
ASTM E-100

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Procedures


Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Procedures

Tex 100E
Tex 101E
Tex 103E
Tex 104E
Tex 105E
Tex 106E
Tex 107E
Tex 110E
Tex 111E
Tex 112E
Tex 113E
Tex 114E
Tex 116E
Tex 117E
Tex 120E
Tex 121E
Tex 127E
Tex 128E
Tex 129E
Tex 198E
Tex 200F
Tex 201F
Tex 203F
Tex 204F
Tex 206F
Tex 207F
Tex 208F
Tex 212F
Tex 217F
Tex 226F
Tex 227F
Tex 236F
Tex 241F
Tex 280F
Tex 400A
Tex 401A
Tex 403A
Tex 404A
Tex 406A
Tex 408A
Tex 410A
Tex 411A
Tex 413A
Tex 418A
Tex 426A
Tex 438A
Tex 447A
Tex 460A
Tex 461A
Tex 498A
Tex 530C
Tex 612J
Tex 922K
Tex 925K

Trained and certified in a range of procedures, our technicians conduct many field and laboratory tests that are customized for projects upon request.The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), The American Association Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA), and The US Army Corps of Engineers accredit our materials testing labs and field testing operations. These accreditations confirm that our laboratories meet rigorous standards for testing and analysis procedures and equipment calibration.

Accredited. Experienced. Trusted.
Since 1968.