Raba Kistner Facilities

Raba Kistner, Inc. acquires Project Control of Texas, Inc. to be a division of Raba Kistner Facilities, Inc. Click here to read more!

Our Services. Raba Kistner Facilities, Inc. provides a specialized offering of services that assist with building asset management, ultimately creating performance enhancements for building Owners. Our unique combination of management services, coupled with planning, building condition assessment and testing capabilities, offer a comprehensive approach to new construction and rehabilitation of facilities.  Additionally, we provide the design expertise necessary to implement the recommended solutions for a multitude of different opportunities.

Protecting Your Assets. Our highly qualified professional staff has played an integral role in the development of facility testing and analysis procedures that are being used to document and resolve complex performance issues in buildings throughout the region.  Our process for managing the life cycle costs of a building - Program Management Plus (PM+) – addresses risk issues not normally covered by the original design, and plans for costs associated with the operation and maintenance of a facility several years after its original occupancy.

Your investment in your building should give you a return for its lifetime. We have an holistic approach that helps to make sure it does. We look forward to talking to you.