As a leader among engineering consulting firms in the Southwest, Raba Kistner has been dedicated to the education market for our entire history. In fact, our first educational project came almost immediately after we opened our doors in 1968. Delivering cost-effective, sustainable services for educational institutions is our legacy and continues to be one of our primary goals. While we understand what public school systems and institutions of higher learning need, we often find that it takes creativity to find solutions that are practical but responsive to the financial constraints of most schools. [more]

Local and State Government

The public perception of a local or state government’s effectiveness is of utmost importance to both staff and elected representatives. Accountable expenditures of public funds are always a primary concern. While other engineering consulting firms may be now performing some of our same services, Raba Kistner has successfully worked with public entities since 1968. We work to protect the public’s trust on every project through the delivery of high quality projects on time and on budget. [more]


Raba Kistner is a leader among engineering consulting firms offering our line of services, with extensive experience with transportation infrastructure.  We have successfully provided services to owners, developers and financiers of highway infrastructure and other transportation projects since 1968. We are very familiar with the intricacies of the planning, funding, design, construction and QA/QC needs of transportation entities which include the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT). Raba Kistner has designed innovative solutions for many transportation infrastructure issues, such as developing state-of-the-art methodologies for working with the weak and expansive soil conditions found in many areas of the Southwest. Because of our 46 years of innovative service, we are considered a leader in our field among Texas engineering firms. [more]


Raba Kistner has been providing solution-based services for commercial clients – including all sizes and types of projects – for 46 years.  Our consultant staff are leaders among engineering consulting firms who understand the priorities of the commercial client and will recommend what makes best economic and performance sense for each project. [more]

Multi-Family Housing

Residential construction and remodeling may seem simpler than most large-scale projects. But in reality, the discerning residential customer demands perfection on even the smallest details. It is imperative that – across all lines of the project – all communication be clear, specific and timely. Raba Kistner has 46 years of experience recommending solutions, based on sound science, for the home building and related industries. [more]


In the industrial environment, finding fast and practical recommendations that help to limit production downtime is a top priority. Raba Kistner knows this and has the experience, staff and technology to recommend innovative but practical solutions that keep industry moving. [more]

Civil Infrastructure

Many of Raba Kistner’s staff have specialized experience in the development of civil infrastructure projects, encompassing major projects such  transmission lines for oil, gas, water, power and telecommunications, levees and dams and channel projects.  Our services on these projects have included environmental planning, permitting and regulatory compliance, geotechnical design studies and specialty testing, and construction materials testing. For flood control facilities, Raba Kistner has gained a unique understanding of the requirements of construction of levees and dams, and has provided services for many of these projects across Texas, most recently for federal clients on the US-Mexico border. [more]


To help public utilities be the best stewards of these critical systems, utilities have used Raba Kistner for 46 years. We have consistently made sound recommendations based on modern technology and testing for the design and construction processes that result in successful project delivery. The Raba Kistner approach has helped to reduce or eliminate delays, which helps utilities provide uninterrupted service to their clients. Our experience with alternate delivery methods is also an advantage to our utility clients. [more]

Recreational/Sports/Public Facilities

Having worked on some of the largest and highest-profile sporting and recreational facilities in Texas and nationwide, Raba Kistner has the critical experience needed to provide a variety of services on large public projects. We have found that these projects need strong management and communication systems, as there is little to no room for error on deadlines and budgets. Customers know that Raba Kistner can be relied upon for good management, responsive service, excellent judgement, and cost-effective recommendations to meet the schedule for opening day. [more]


For more than 46 years, Raba Kistner has been serving the energy needs of local and regional utilities and industries. Our extensive project history with energy-based clients includes oil, gas, and coal power plants and pipelines; solar and wind farms; and transmission stations and lines.  Our trusted expertise combined with our extensive laboratory testing and construction observations within the energy industry allows us to bring flexibility and rapid deployment of resources to meet clients’ needs related to fossil fuels, transportation/transmission linear projects, alternative and renewable energy sources and others. [more]


Raba Kistner has developed a proven record as a trusted advisor and indispensable partner to our federal clients and their contractors by demonstrating reliable, timely, and value-added project planning and consulting, QA/QC services, geotechnical and construction engineering and laboratory testing, and facilities services. With project experience on bases and facilities from Texas to Hawaii, Raba Kistner has the resources to provide seamless services across all service lines in accordance with federal rules and regulations. [more]


Raba-Kistner Consultores de Mexico, C.V. helps non-Mexico-based companies translate project needs into successful project execution throughout Mexico.  Raba Kistner staff act as trusted advisors during the entire development process for many large clients so their projects will meet their own quality standards for materials and labor, and their buildings will perform as expected. We help them do this through our staff’s experience with national construction standards in Mexico and the utilization of our proven network of Mexico-based project resources.  Typical projects include industrial warehousing, manufacturing, large retail, and resort hospitality, but we support many types and sizes of projects. [more]