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Design Phase

Coastal Protection and Engineering

The Raba Kistner team has provided professional coastal engineering and scientific services for more than 15 years. With an excellent reputation for comprehensive project services, Raba Kistner's team has the technical expertise to design, permit, and construct a variety of coastal projects ranging from structural solutions to beach and wetland restoration. We coordinate effectively with local, state, and federal agencies that permit and oversee coastal programs, which result in the completion of projects on time and on budget.

Raba Kistner staff have developed projects along the Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific coasts for clients, including state and federal agencies and coastal communities. Coastal resiliency planning, inter-governmental coordination, public outreach, and consensus-building are tools that we have used to assist coastal communities develop effective coastal protection solutions.

Coastal Protection and Restoration Services include:

  • Shoreline protection 
  • Port and navigation design 
  • Recreational marina design 
  • Beach and wetland restoration 
  • Resiliency studies 
  • Artificial reef design 
  • Offshore investigations 
  • Coastal resource database design and management 
  • Agency coordination 
  • Permitting Construction management 
  • Post-construction monitoring
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