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Operations & Maintenance Phase

Forensic Investigations

Forensic investigations are necessary when failures, loss of function, reduced performance, or poor serviceability involving any engineering discipline occur. Raba Kistner utilizes in-house resources to support our forensic investigations department, including forensic services experts, professional engineers, and technical staff from other Raba Kistner departments. This integration of resources allows us to solve complex problems for owners, investors, lenders, property managers, government entities, corporations, architectural and engineering consultants, and contractors.

Raba Kistner’s forensic investigation services ultimately may be used for remediation, repair, claims, adjustments, or litigation. These services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Forensic Engineering Investigations 
  • Non-Destructive/Destructive Testing 
  • Property Condition Assessments 
  • Structural Engineering Investigations, Analyses, Designs and Consultations
This solution has been used in these market sectors