Certified Manager of Quality/Operational Excellence (CMQ/OE)

The CMQ/OE champions process-improvement initiatives corporately and within projects, and shares best practices within Raba Kistner and among the clients we serve. The CMQ/OE monitors client and consultant relations, evaluates staff, supports strategic planning initiatives, develops systems to determine organizational improvement, determines and evaluates risk, and employs tools and techniques in resolving organizational challenges.

Certified Quality Engineer (CQE)

Raba Kistner CQEs understand principles of product and service quality evaluation and control. They are educated in quality engineering and quality control and are trained in researching and preventing unnecessary costs through lack of quality, lost production costs, and lost market share due to poor quality. The CQE certification is given by the American Society for Quality.

Certified Quality Auditor (CQA)

Raba Kistner CQAs understand the standards and principles of auditing and the auditing techniques of examining, questioning, evaluating, and reporting to determine a quality system’s adequacy and deficiencies. They analyze a quality system and judge its degree of adherence to the criteria of industrial management and quality evaluation and control systems.

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

ISO 9001:2015 certification sets a global standard for Raba Kistner’s Quality Management System and ensures that requirements, specifications, or guidelines are used to verify that materials, products, processes and services are fit for our business purpose.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

A LEED credential signifies that a professional is an active participant in the green building movement. Raba Kistner’s LEED GAs have a documented understanding of the most current green building principles and practices. Our LEED APs have advanced knowledge in green building as well as expertise in particular LEED rating systems relevant to their field.

Professional Engineer (PE)

The National Society of Professional Engineers’ PE certification represents trust, responsibility and respect. All PEs complete a four-year college degree, work under a PE for at least four years, pass two competency exams and earn a license from the state board. To retain their licenses, PEs must maintain and improve their skills throughout their careers.

American Institute of Architects (AIA)

Licensed architects who are members of the American Institute of Architects use the AIA designation. Qualifications include five or more years of professional studies and a degree from an accredited school of architecture, a 3-year internship under licensed architects, passage of a 5-day examination, and continuing education to provide the safest buildings using today's technology.

Project Management Professional (PMP)

The Project Management Institute PMP designation is the gold standard of project management certification. Recognized and demanded by organizations worldwide, the PMP validates competence to perform the role of a project manager, leading and directing projects and teams. Raba Kistner’s PMPs ensure that projects deliver on time, on budget and meet original goals.