Safety: At the core of Raba Kistner

At the very core of Raba Kistner is the importance we place on our most highly valued asset — our employees — and our culture of employee safety.

Our commitment to engineering excellence is matched only by our company-wide focus on safety. This commitment is important to every Raba Kistner employee, our vendors and partners, and our clients. Our Safety Program, driven by three basic processes — Employee Training, Safety Measurements, and Continuous Improvement — is designed to meet the needs of our regular business and yet flexible to address the changing needs of the companies and organizations with which we do business.

The Road to Excellence: Let’s Do It Together.

Raba Kistner has an employee-led, continuous improvement program that we call “The Road to Excellence: Let’s Do It Together.” At the heart of the campaign are the safety efforts developed and led by our employees. This cooperative effort continues to improve the Raba Kistner Safety Program process, helping to keep our organization a safe place to work. We are members of ISNET World ( which maintains current and accurate information about our company’s safety program.

Employee Training

Our Employee training Consists of industry-specific programs, delivered either as online courses or within small group sessions, to meet the growing demands of our business.

Training is the key to keeping our entire workforce continuously focused on safety habits, procedures, and goals. Whether an employee works in an office, a lab, or in the field, appropriate safety training is required. Our safety training includes a New Employee Program which can vary from 4 hours for an office employee to 16 hours for field personnel. Refresher training for existing employees in equally important. On average, employees have 4 hours of additional safety training each year, while field personnel are required to take an additional 8 hours.

Safety Measurements

Safety measurements are used to evaluate how well our Safety Program is performing.

Our program is results driven and safety measurements are the key indicators of Raba Kistner’s progress towards making sure our employees have the training and skills necessary to complete their jobs safely. Raba Kistner maintains monthly records of TRIR, DART, SEVERITY and Vehicle Accident rates. We generate monthly reports that measure and track the performance of individuals as well as each of our offices.

Health & Safety Manager

Michael McCarty
(210) 699 9090
[email protected]

Safety Programs

Our Health and Safety Manual identifies more than 30 training programs that provide employees the necessary guidance, standards and procedures needed to perform their jobs. Examples of just some of these safety programs include:
  • Hazard Communication
  • Lock Out Tag Out
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Subcontractor Prequalification
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Benzene Awareness
  • Drilling Safety
  • Vehicle Safety
  • Fall Protection
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Excavation Safety
  • Noise and Hearing Conservation
Supervisors are required to conduct Weekly Safety Discussions within their group and Monthly Employee Safety Discussions are held by Health & Safety Officers at each of our offices. Many of our clients conduct daily, on-site Safety Tool Box meetings that all employees – including Raba Kistner staff – are required to attend. Our Behavior-Based Safety Program encourages employees to watch out for each other while seeking ways to improve our safety. All employees are expected to be proactive in their awareness of safety issues and to take measures to correct and notify Health & Safety Officers of any problem. In addition, our Short Service Employee Program recognizes that the potential of injury for new employees is greater; therefore, seasoned employees are assigned to work with them to keep them injury free while they are learning our safety procedures.