Raba Kistner’s special inspection services involve soils, concrete, wood framing, steel, fire proofing, and Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) materials. In the industry, we have set ourselves apart by providing specialized laboratory and field testing. Some tests are conducted to qualify materials, while others are conducted by either non-destructive methods or destructive methods to determine the properties of materials and/or structures.

Specialized Testing Services

  • Alkali Silica Reactivity Testing
  • Rapid Chloride Ion Permeability Testing
  • High-Performance Concrete Mix Designs
  • Maturity Meter Testing of Concrete
  • Polish Value Testing of Aggregates by the British Pendulum Method
  • Resonance Frequency Testing of Concrete
  • Ground Penetrating Radar Testing of Concrete
  • Sulfate Testing of Soils
  • FAA, TxDOT, and Superpave Mix Designs for Asphaltic Concrete
  • Load Testing of Materials and Building Assemblies
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