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Have you ever wondered what environmental rules and regulations apply to Independent School Districts? Watch our FREE environmental webinar series and our team of experts will help address all of your questions and concerns.

Environmental Compliance Overview Webinar

 Presented by Dude Hall, Regional Environmental Manager

Have you ever wondered what environmental rules and regulations apply to Independent School Districts?  Most in the education arena understand asbestos, but there are a variety of air, water and waste regulations that could apply as well.  Join us for an overview of these rules/regulations and a discussion of how they may apply to your specific situation as well as a discussion of how to determine what you really have to do based on your unique situation.

Waste Classification & Management Webinar

Presented by David Klebieko, Division Manager – Natural Resources

For most people when dealing with waste, the phrase “out of sight, out of mind” applies.  But the real idiom that is unique to the waste arena is “from cradle to grave”. If you are not sure what a Universal, Industrial or Hazardous waste is, or whether your schools manage/handle it, then join us to learn how to identify, classify, and characterize waste streams. Learn how to identify, classify, and characterize your waste streams to ensure they are properly managed, ensuring environmental protection, as well mitigating long-term risk and liability for your school district.

Air Permitting & Compliance Webinar

Presented by Elliot Townsend, Environmental Operations Manager

Most people believe that air permits only apply to the “big chemical plants.”  However, the reality is that if you generate a dust, a fume, a vapor, particulate matter or run engines, you are likely subject to an air permit of some sort.  Join us to see what type of school district activities may be subject to air permitting and how we can help you.

EPCRA, Hazardous Materials & Asbestos Webinar

Presented by Amelia Hudson, Division Manager – Compliance

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has determined that individuals have the right to know what chemicals are being used and stored in their neighborhoods. This is the essence of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA). We will explore EPCRA as well as other hazardous materials, to include asbestos, in this presentation. Join us to learn what materials are regulated, what school districts should be reporting, common reporting pitfalls, and how you can help safeguard and protect human health.

Wastewater, Stormwater, SPCC & PST Webinar

Presented by Nathanial Wells, Compliance Regional Manager

Water is the great equalizer, whether inundated by flood waters or bone-dry due to drought, we are all subject to the variations of water availability and limited in our response options.  In an effort to manage water resources for the public benefit, there are numerous regulations that govern its use, clean up, recycling and protection.  We will explore some of these water protection rules, specifically as they apply to school district activities and operations to ensure you understand your role in protecting this vital resource. 

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