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A new, beautiful set of offices and large lab area were opened to much acclaim on Thursday, May 17th when the Brownsville Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon cutting to celebrate the opening of the newest office location for Raba Kistner in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas. While Raba Kistner has had an office in Brownsville for 24 years, everyone was in agreement that this office really shone and is ready to tackle the large, new clients that it has positioned itself for the last few years.

Approximately 75 people attended the evening event, including staff from the chamber and staff from the Rio Grande Valley Food Bank, who benefited from the event. Attendees also included Precinct 1 County Commissioner, Sofia Benavides,(top picture above, to the right of center in the black/white blouse), current and new clients, employees from the McAllen Raba Kistner office. Also, other Raba Kistner employees at the event included EJ Juanda, PE, VP of Geotechnical Engineering, Joe Irizarry, Senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Paul Lampe, Executive VP, Nancy Parker, Director of Marketing, and Samantha Hammit, Administrative Coordinator for Corporate Development.

EJ Juanda, PE, VP of Geotechnical Engineering, joined Brownsville chamber members for a tour of the downstairs lab. 

The office consists of a downstairs that includes the laboratory and work area for the field technicians. Upstairs includes four executive offices, two small conference rooms and one large conference room, a copy room and work area, and a reception area. 

“We are ready to hire to fulfill multiple contracts that we are pitching. We feel like we’ll have these offices pretty full soon,” said Ricky Pineda, Area Project Manager for Brownsville.
“We plan to make our next hires, including admin positions in Brownsville,” said Isidoro Arjona, PE, Senior VP of the RGV offices. “Right now it’s a lot of empty space, but I don’t think it will be for long.”

Our Brownsville Ribbon Cutting was also a promotion for the RGV Food Bank. Attendees brought 165 pounds of food for the RGV Food Bank, which is the equivalent of 137 meals that will go to seniors and families who are food insecure. See all of our community charity events here.