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We spent some time with Anthony Cocolan, a new Construction Materials Engineering & Testing (CoMET) Technician, based out of our San Antonio office. He has been working with Richard Zaragoza, who has more than 20 years of experience as a CoMET Technician with Raba Kistner. Here’s our quick interview with Anthony:

RK: Why did you consider working at Raba Kistner?

AC: I was looking to move from working various construction jobs to a better career. My uncle told me to check out Raba Kistner for their training program and good company culture. I didn’t need a bunch of certificates or time in CoMET to get started.

RK: What’s your favorite part of the job?

AC: I love getting outside and helping support the team. It’s exciting to know that my work supports huge commercial buildings projects and other sites. Before I started here I didn’t realize how involved the process is to prepare large building sites for construction. Knowing how I make a difference is really satisfying.

RK: What’s it like to work with Richard Zaragoza?

AC: Working with Richard is great. He goes with me to project sites and helps ensure that I understand the specific testing plan for that work. I enjoy learning from him directly. Eventually I’ll go to sites without his supervision. I’m working to be ready for that.

RK: What does a day-in-the-life look like for a CoMET Technician?

AC: For me it’s getting an early start in the morning. This can be around 2 or 3 a.m.. Large project sites don’t operate on a 9-5, Monday to Friday schedule. Many of them run 24/7, with myself and my team running day and night shifts to keep testing going as progress is being made.

Staying focused and disciplined is important. Soon I’ll be working on my own at project sites and my team and our clients are counting on me to get my work done right.

RK: Are you currently working towards any accreditations?

AC: I’m currently studying to earn my American Concrete Institute (ACI) certification so that I can do a broader scope of work in concrete testing. Raba Kistner has made this process easy, and pays for the training and certification process.

RK: What would you say to others who are interested in working in CoMET?

AC: It’s really important to have a good attitude and like what you do. This is a great job and it requires discipline to wake up early or stay out late to get the job done. I get a lot of support from Richard and management. What we do helps our city grow and supports a lot of great projects. I would definitely recommend to others to look for an opportunity and apply at Raba Kistner.

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