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Raba Kistner Austin Office Graduate Engineer Richard Shimono has passed the exam portion of his Professional Engineer (PE) certification and is working to complete his licensure. As a graduate engineer, Mr. Shimono primarily performs geotechnical engineering investigations and studies, including engineering observation at new and existing building sites, and direction and oversight of field and exploration staff and subcontractors for field services.

Mr. Shimono’s experience in geotechnical engineering supports project managers in project planning, implementation, and execution. He assists in coordination of drilling activities, and performs field logging activities during drilling operations. Richard is also responsible for handling data collection and field observation services on geotechnical projects.

In the laboratory, he is responsible for classifying soil samples collected and preparing boring logs. Mr. Shimono directs laboratory testing assignments on projects in accordance with the testing program established for Raba Kistner clients. He also provides guidance to geotechnical lab personnel on all laboratory testing and assignments to ensure testing is conducted in accordance with appropriate ASTM procedures. He analyzes field data, laboratory test results and performs calculations necessary for the preparation completion of written engineering reports.

Richard has worked on a large range of project types since joining Raba Kistner, including mid-rise commercial/residential development, primary and secondary school construction, multi-family development, water utility infrastructure, and suburban pavement analysis.

Richard graduated from the University of Washington with a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering in 2011 and a M.S. degree in Civil Engineering in 2012. 

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