February Is Heart Health Month

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Each February the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) celebrates Heart Healthy Month by motivating Americans to adopt a healthy lifestyle to prevent heart disease.  Research shows we are much more successful at meeting personal health goals WHEN WE JOIN FORCES!  

How can we join forces?  The NHLBI suggests the following:

Be physically active together.  Have walking meetings.  Start a walk club at home an/d or work.  Join a community exercise class.  Earn Go365 points.  Share on social media!

Eat healthier together:  Share a heart healthy recipe with friends.  Host a heart healthy potluck during lunch and/or a snack time potluck.  Earn Go365 points.  Share on social media!

Track your heart health stats together:  Remind each other to keep a log of your blood pressure, healthy weighT goals, and physical activity.  Earn Go365 Points!  Share on social media!

Manage stress, sleep better and quit smoking together:   Leverage your support (SQUAD GOALS) to remind each other to stick to the same bedtime every night.  Engage in a stress reducing activity like yoga or meditation together.  Tell a friend you’re quitting smoking and ask for support (if applicable).  Get G0365 points.  Share on social media!

Remember a healthy heart is a good heart!  Join forces and fight heart disease!