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In association with the academic outreach and support that Raba Kistner is currently providing to UTSA in conjunction with their GEOPATHS Program, staff from Raba Kistner's San Antonio office were asked to provide a one-half day geophysical workshop to students (junior and seniors at UTSA majoring in Geology that are part of the program). Given Raba Kistner's industry presence and recognition with respect to geophysical services, our staff was selected by the GEOPATHS group to provide some hands-on training and real-world examples with respect to one of our frequently used geophysical survey technologies, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). 

The workshop was held on March 3rd at our San Antonio office and consisted of a 2-hour lecture presenting an introduction to GPR technology in addition to numerous case studies that highlighted geosciences and cultural resources projects. Following the lecture, our team set up a 3-D data collection grid adjacent to our records storage facility and allowed the students to assist with an actual field data collection effort. Following the collection of survey data, students were brought back into the classroom and our staff walked them through the GPR data reduction and interpretation process.

Following this event, Raba Kistner/San Antonio Vice President Rick Klar, P.G., visited with UTSA faculty in charge of the GEOPATHS program and confirmed that the training and information presented exceeded their expectations. In fact, the faculty were so impressed with our workshop that they have already asked about hosting another sometime within the coming months. "As a former UTSA alumnus and current environmental manager always seeking new young talent to support our operations, I find this program to be extremely beneficial to all involved," said Rick Klar. 

"The program provides a connection to the real world and an opportunity to obtain some training and experience outside of school that will assist them in vetting their career choice and possibly in finding a job when they graduate. For Raba Kistner, it provides an opportunity for our technical experts to showcase their skills and give something back to the local academic community." said Rick.  "Additionally, it provides our firm with meaningful connection to the next generation of talented professionals to which we may not otherwise have access to," he concluded. 

To get us to this point, Rick Klar has volunteered extensively and solicited help from others at Raba Kistner to become an industry partner for UTSA. The following individuals worked hard to make the GPR Workshop a success:

  • Principle Investigator/Senior Archaeologist Kristi Nichols, MA, RPA, assisted with the presentation of GPR case studies and led the students during the field data collection exercise. Following this, Kristi also demonstrated use of custom software and provided a tutorial regarding the reduction and interpretation of radar data. 
  • Environmental Geologist Zaneta McCoy, MA, worked tirelessly to compile case studies and to prepare our workshop presentation. She also handed all logistical arrangements and coordinated with our IT staff to make sure that the Boardroom functioned as a classroom.
  • Vice President Rick Klar, P.G., organized the workshop, presented the portion of the lecture pertaining to GPR theory and equipment, and in addition, presented several geosciences case studies.