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James serves as a Geologist and Drilling Coordinator and Safety Officer within our Geotechnical team, based out of San Antonio. He was hired on August 1, 1994. We talked with James and asked him to share some of his favorite highlights from his past 25 years at the company.

My parents always told me, "If you are going to do something, always go for the best!” 25 years ago I did not know much about the engineering and consulting field, but I did know that Raba Kistner was the best around. I always had a love of the sciences. At St. Mary’s University, I understood that Geology was the combination of Chemistry, Biology, Physics and our living planet. A slice of our universe in something as simple as a rock you could hold in your hand. I knew Raba Kistner was the way to a meaningful career in Geology.

In 1994 I joined the team. I knew that we were a well-respected, top tier, professional family. I knew we offered the best services around and was (and remain) very proud that I was a part of it. This great company has always recognized the importance of family and has always treated me as such. I started off in the Geotech lab, then moved to constructions materials, Then back to the lab for asphalt and aggregates. All the while moving from city to city. Always on the road. San Antonio, Austin, Laredo, McAllen, Eagle Pass—wherever I was needed. I did everything under the sun, made myself invaluable, learning of all the services that Raba Kistner offered.

In 2005 I finally completed my Bachelor of Arts degree in Geology from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio. Soon after graduating, Raba Kistner hired me as a Field Geologist for our Geotechnical department. It has been an incredible opportunity to have been able to gain so much knowledge and help build so many strong professional relationships with clients and subcontractors all over the Southwest and further. I have worked in the service of this great company not only all around Texas, but also Ohio, West Virginia and Monterrey, Mexico. Once we even had a proposal for a job in Aruba, and I had my passport in hand ready to ship out.

25 years of service, wow I can’t believe it! I am on our professional staff. I am so thankful that Raba Kistner has given me the opportunities to serve in this wonderful professional family. I take great pride in knowing we provide the best services and have the best staff around in our field. I always feel a love of family and true sense of accomplishment each and every time I drive around this city, this state, and our great nation. I see rock solid, professional performance in all we have done. From the bed rock formations below, to the top of a building's flagpole—we provide the best. 

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