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San Antonio. Raba Kistner Consultants, a key player in the effort to educate the public about the upcoming Bond election on May 12, 2012 has launched a website – sabondresources.com - to promote both the upcoming bond program, plus their own “Team Smart” resources available to companies who are putting together teams for the projects that are being proposed for the bond. [EXPAND Click to expand!]

The website includes valuable links for bond information, including: a link to the proposed projects to be build with the bonds; a link to the COSA Design Manual; a News & Updates link regarding the bond committee’s efforts; a link to the bond website; and a link to the regional certification offices for companies needing to file for disadvantaged certification. More will be added as the campaign progresses.

“Raba Kistner has been very involved in helping the City pass this bond effort,” said Robert Costigan, COO of Raba Kistner Consultants. We believe in the projects and what they will do for the City. The plan is a good balance between basic infrastructure improvements (streets, bridges, sidewalks, drainage), public safety needs, cultural arts facilities and parks, and improves areas all over the City. We hope everyone else gets behind it and votes on May 12th.”

The website also serves as a resource tool for anyone putting together a team to win a project after the bond hopefully passes. “We have posted key resumes on the site, our project history as it relates to the bond and other information about our geotechnical engineering and testing services. We believe that teaming with Raba Kistner is teaming smart for these projects,” said Costigan.

“Raba Kistner Consultants has worked with the City of San Antonio for 43 years and has done thousands – literally thousands – of projects in the San Antonio area, said Chris Schultz, PE, PMP and Senior Vice President of Raba Kistner Consultants. “We have been a key player in writing codes for construction and are currently working with the City on their pavement codes. We currently maintain a master service contract with CIMS for geotechnical engineering and materials testing. We are an experienced, trusted and proven partner with the City and should be considered a strong partner for any teams who are hoping to get work from the 2012 bond program. Our experience for the City includes most of the larger, more complex projects from the 2007 bond program. We felt like this website was a good way to let folks know we would be a good partner – a smart partnering - for their team.”

Key COSA staff members have publicly acknowledged the importance of understanding subsurface soil conditions and how they impact the long term performance and lifespan of pavement design for COSA projects. “We are the recognized leaders in this field in San Antonio,” said Schultz. “We are born-and-bred San Antonio company, with 173 local employees based in our local office to support these projects, with the largest lab in the region. Our senior staff consists of industry leaders and regional problem solvers with vast geotechnical experience. These things combined with our records of over 10,000 borings in Bexar County make us a strong choice for 2012 bond projects.”