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Clark D. Prothero, PE, Vice President, Raba Kistner InfrastructureClark D. Prothero, PE, Vice President, Raba Kistner Infrastructure


Raba Kistner Infrastructure (RKI) has announced that Clark D. Prothero, PE, of Salt Lake City, Utah, Robert L. Wilson, PE, of Austin, Texas, and A. Scott Young, PE, JD, of Dallas, Texas have assumed leadership of Raba Kistner Infrastructure, following the announcement that former president, Dr. Gary Raba D ENG, PE has accepted the position of Chairman of the Board of Raba Kistner, Inc., the parent company of RKI. [EXPAND Click to expand!]

All three gentlemen will be focused on supporting the company’s Vision to continue growing into a recognized, national provider of Quality Assurance (QA) and Client Representative services on major infrastructure projects across the country.

Clark D. Prothero, PE, Vice President of RKI, is office leader with financial responsibility for the Utah and New York offices. Under Prothero, the Utah office has worked on a variety of projects, including the significant I-15 CORE project that wrapped up last fall, where RKI performed Independent Quality Assurance. The project recently won the Design/Build Institute of America (DBIA) Transportation Project/National Design-Build Award. Mr. Prothero is currently acting as the Executive Project Sponsor for the Tappen Zee project in New York State.

“RKI is known in the industry for our strategic relationships and our approaches to complex projects. The company focuses on creative approaches that utilize the newest technologies,” said Prothero. “Our intent is to shape our industry, not follow along, doing things the same way they’ve been done for years. We’ve brought about significant changes in process and technology - impacting how projects are delivered on time and on budget - which has made a great impact on our clients’ projects.”

Under the direction of this leadership team, Raba Kistner Infrastructure has quickly become the provider of choice for requisite independent Quality services, such as Quality Assurance (QA), Owner Verification (OV), and Independent Engineer (IE) services on large, complex transportation projects - both in Utah and in other parts of the U.S. - including working directly with public agencies like UDOT, TxDOT, NTTA and other agencies and large contractors. According to Robert Wilson, COO and Senior VP, “RKI’s quality processes, supported by their proprietary project management software, ELVIS, is quickly becoming the Platinum Standard in our industry for bringing a project in on time and under budget – two things on which both public and private clients have placed a priority.” [/expand]