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Dallas archaeology firm, Red River Archaeology (RRA), has been acquired by Raba Kistner, Inc., a project management, engineering, testing and environmental firm based in San Antonio, but operating in the Dallas area since 2009. RRA principals, Sarah M. Cole, MA, RPA, Principal Investigator, and Charles D. Neel, BA, Senior Archaeologist, are well known archaeological professionals in north Texas and Oklahoma. RRA has historically specialized in providing cultural resource compliance services to multiple engineering and environmental consulting firms, as well as energy and transportation sector clients in the Texas and Oklahoma markets. [EXPAND Click to expand!]

“The combination of staff, experience and talents created by this acquisition will have a significant impact on the level of services that we can offer our clients – current and future,” said Cole.

“Raba Kistner has a large statewide staff with increased geographic coverage, broadened research capabilities, resources, technology, and laboratories which will allow RRA to expand our reach and help provide our clients and project partners greater value in addressing their cultural resources compliance needs,” said Neel.

Having accumulated a combined 90 years of experience in the archaeology of Texas and Oklahoma and having completed projects in nearly every county in the state of Oklahoma, Red River Archaeology staff are well respected in their field and well thought of by historical oversight agencies and project owners. They have solid business relationships with their clients who rely on their expertise and excellent service.

Dr. Steve Tomka, the Cultural Resources Program Director for Raba Kistner, is excited about the business and research opportunities offered by the new members of the team. “This acquisition is important to Raba Kistner, as it enhances our capability to provide archaeological professional services in this marketplace,” said Tomka. “This new affiliation gives Raba Kistner more internal scientific capabilities and strengthens our services platform from which we supply top level services to our clients throughout both regions. I’ve followed Red River Archaeology’s work for years and can’t think of a better group of archaeological scientists with which we could bolster our capabilities in the field.”

For more information about Raba Kistner’s archaeology services, please visit the RRA website at www.rrarc.com or Raba Kistner at rkci.com/environmental/archaeology