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For the fourth consecutive year, Raba Kistner was a proud sponsor of the annual Madla Natural Area fundraising event, which was held on March 24th and was sponsored by the City of Grey Forest. Raba Kistner has been a supporter of the Natural Area since it’s inception in 2009. On behalf of Raba Kistner, Rick Klar, P.G., Vice President, worked closely with Dr. Ronald Green, P.G., his long-time client at Southwest Research who serves on the Senator Frank Madla, Jr. Park Conservancy, and helped provide in-kind geologic and engineering support services during early stages of the park design and development.

Rick Klar's wife, Carol, joined him in attending the event this year. The event provided an opportunity for them to visit extensively with the mayor of Grey Forest, Mr. Ron Reinhard, and his wife Brenda, in addition to many other conservancy members and supporters. The above photograph was taken at the completion of the live auction at the event and shows the following event participants from left to right: Dr. Ron Green, Rick and Carol Klar, Mayor Reinhard and wife, Brenda. 

The Senator Frank L. Madla Natural Area is named for the late senator whose family are longtime residents of the Scenic Loop area. The creation of Madla Park started in 2009. The Texas State Legislature established a grant to honor the late Senator Frank L. Madla for his long standing and dedicated service to the community and the state. The City of Grey Forest submitted a proposal that was subsequently awarded. The project started with the purchase of 42 acres at the corner of Scenic Loop and Menchaca through the grant from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and conservation easement funds from the City of San Antonio. Madla Park was developed over the next three years and was opened to the public on March 9, 2013. The park development and maintenance is overseen by the City of Grey Forest appointed park board.

Working with the park board, the Senator Frank Madla, Jr. Park Conservancy was established. Donations to maintain the park are gratefully accepted. Various events and fundraisers are conducted each year. Madla Park was designed with hiking and jogging trails that highlight the native Texas Hill Country environment as well as fauna, flora, geology, and history of the area. Additionally, active management of the wildlife habitat is undertaken to preserve the wildlife located in the Natural Area for the enjoyment of present and future generations. The centerpiece of the Natural Area is a pavilion located at the trailhead for the enjoyment of visitors to the park and serves as a meeting sight for educational programs.

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