Construction Phase, Operations & Maintenance Phase

Environmental Compliance Management

Raba Kistner provides full-service environmental permitting and compliance services for design-build and other transportation infrastructure projects. These services begin during project pre-construction, and continue into the construction and completion phases. The Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SW3P) is among the project types for which we have managed environmental compliance. It is considered the costliest environmental program in terms of material and labor, and is erosion-control mandated under the Texas Pollution Discharge Elimination System (TPDES).

Raba Kistner also has considerable experience advising our infrastructure clients on approaches that protect endangered species, migratory birds, cultural antiquities, and other plants, animals and resources that may be encountered during construction. Our hazardous materials management plans often help clients minimize clean-up costs when hazardous materials are found on infrastructure projects during construction.

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