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Program Management

As the program management group of Raba Kistner, Project Control and PC Sports, offer a unique Program Management process that represents a higher level of planning for multiple workstreams and managing multiple related projects. In this role, we secure the best design and construction teams, manage risks, and ensure project specifications, budgets, and schedules are met. We handle every aspect of the program, from the initial design phase through occupancy, while facilitating consistent communication between all parties and meeting the interests and needs of the Owner.

The program management group of Raba Kistner, Project Control and PC Sports, has the specialized experienced resources to provide Program Management, Project Management, and Owner’s Representation for new construction, maintenance and repair, renovation, and expansion. Throughout the lifecycle of our Client’s physical assets, Project Control and PC Sports provide guidance on policies, planning, funding sources, scheduling, sequencing, and strategic allocation of resources. From a single building to an entire campus, from a parking lot to a sports and entertainment complex, Project Control and PC Sports develop and execute tailored programs that achieve the Client’s ultimate goals.

Project Control and PC Sports proven methodology involves identifying, assessing, and controlling the high-risk areas in the life cycle of a Client’s physical assets. Our intent is to act as an extension of the staff, serving as a trusted advisor on key project decisions.

Program Management Services include:

  • Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Procurement
  • Project Management

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