Design Phase

Geotechnical Engineering

Identifying subsurface conditions and understanding their impact on construction and performance are critical issues on any project. Underground conditions represent risk, and Raba Kistner reduces those risks by putting our geotechnical engineering and geotechnical testing experience to work. Our expertise includes field exploration services, laboratory testing, and engineering evaluation and reporting. We have worked on large, significant projects, and have tailored cost-effective services for each.

Raba Kistner has one of the largest archives of geotechnical data in the Southwest. We tackle site conditions ranging from coastal sands to expansive clay soils to rock formations, and our geotechnical footprint has marked retail centers, sports arenas, convention centers, education and healthcare campuses, military installations, international airports, energy transmission systems, and much more. For each, we utilize our accredited and/or certified laboratories, innovative techniques and equipment, vast experience, and ingenuity to create effective solutions.

Specialty Geotechnical Testing Services

  • Pressuremeter Studies
  • Soil and Rock Instrumentation
  • Conductivity Testing
  • Resistivity Testing
  • Refraction Microtremor (ReMi®)
  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Various Specialty Services
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